Publishers & Partners

Services that Reduce Your Workload

EBSCO can reduce your workload and efficiently assist with access and management of all subscription-based information, whether print, electronic or e-journal collections of content. Additionally, our tools help support publishers by helping to make their content easily discoverable and more widely used.

Now in our seventh decade of business, EBSCO upholds relationships with more than 96,000 publishers globally. EBSCO has 30 regional offices located in 23 countries. We serve our mutual library customers in more than 190 countries and have more than 260 trained professionals providing service to publishers on a daily basis, including the following core intermediary services:

  • Order placement
  • Renewals, including e-package renewal orders
  • Claims filtering
  • Invoicing and prepayment according to agreed-upon schedules
  • Licensing and registration support
  • Local customer service
  • Consortia assistance

Subscription-related Services

We share your business priorities and have numerous workflows and services in place to help you:

  • Reduce costs and administrative burdens
  • Increase content usage, which encourages renewals
  • Maximize revenue
  • Maximize cash flow

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