Your single source solution

Managing the administrative processes associated with the provision of print content often requires more time than you have to give. We can help.

EBSCO has specialized in subscription management service for thousands of customers throughout the library and business communities. To effectively track your print resources and to make the most informed decisions about how you will spend future budget dollars, consider how you will:

  • Obtain data on all available subscription offerings, including pricing and bibliographic information
  • Determine accurate information about publication schedules and title changes in real time
  • Implement a streamlined process for handling subscription renewals, claims and cancellations
  • Handle payments to multiple publishers, including the associated accounting costs
  • Communicate details to publishers such as change of address
  • Develop and maintain order history records

With EBSCO, these administrative tasks are transferred to our subscription management team, considerably reducing library staff workload and generating invaluable cost and staff time savings.