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Your Single Source Solution

With a lineup of more than 360,000 unique titles—including e-journals, e-journal packages, and print journals and magazines—we offer all the content you need for a comprehensive serials collection.

Streamlined journals management

With one point of contact, one invoice, one central platform for journal management, one-click integrated analytics, one place for hundreds of reports, and one spot for your order history and title details, ordering through EBSCO is a time-saving – and cost-saving – choice.

And how will your users benefit?  EBSCO’s proprietary SmartLinks+, a state-of-the-art rights-and-identity engine, gives users more immediate access to the full text in your collection, eliminating the confusion and additional steps of link resolvers.  Streamline access to full text and boost the usage of your e-journals and e-packages.

Let us show you! We’ll run a personalized analysis of your collection, comparing it against your EBSCO subject indexes, to show you just how many titles your end users can access more seamlessly.