Journal Expediting Service (JETS)

Shelf-ready journals delivered to libraries—fast

EBSCO’s Journal Expediting Service (JETS) offers libraries the best time-saving solution for handling print-related tasks and ensuring that journals are on the shelves when users need them.

Ensure that print issues of your journals are on the shelves when users need them

Our Journal Expediting Service (JETS) helps with a wide range of print-delivery services, including check in, claiming, reporting, and more.  Plus, it works with various integrated library systems (ILS), and offers custom add-ons so you can tailor the service for any of your print-resource needs.  With 10 JETS locations around the world, including Mexico, you’ll receive your non-domestic issues faster.

You’ll be able to easily view delivery details online with access to JETS information on EBSCONET Subscription Management, and you can customize your service with delivery at a frequency you choose: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  In addition, you can add custom features such as tattle taping, call number labels, journal routing, electronic packing slips (EPS), property stamps and more.