Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Assistance in the transition, setup, testing, and support for EDI Services

EBSCO supports the exchange of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for serials invoices, claims, and orders with a variety of Library Management Systems using industry standards as well as proprietary formats.

Listed below are the top ILS Systems we have tested or are in production for EDI Services.  We continuously work with Library System Vendors to test new releases and interfaces as they become available.  In addition, we are committed to implementing new interfaces as the demand dictates.

  • ExLibris ALEPH
  • ExLibris ALMA
  • ExLibris Voyager
  • Innovative Millennium
  • Innovative SIERRA
  • SirsiDynix Horizon
  • SirsiDynix Unicorn
  • SirsiDynix Symphony
  • OCLC WorldShare Management System
  • Kuali OLE

We provide EDI Services for many more ILS Systems.  Please contact your Service Representative for more information.


Upon request, EBSCO provides printed barcodes for ease in entering account information, unique order identifiers, and other data into the library’s system. Inclusion of this data is often required to facilitate electronic services such as claiming or ordering. Information is simply scanned into the appropriate fields saving hours of library staff time and eliminating keystroke errors. This data is also available in an ASCII Comma Delimited file.