A custom approach to electronic resource management

With EBSCONET ERM Essentials, we offer a unique, flexible suite of services to help your organization simplify the management of e-resource content.

Auto-population means less work for you

You’re a critical piece in getting the right information into the hands of seekers and scholars, but that doesn’t mean you want to personally handle every detail of the process.  When you order your e-journals and e-packages through EBSCO, we can automatically populate and provide daily updates for approximately 100 highly customizable data fields. That way you always have the most up-to-date order and access details at your fingertips.

With our EBSCONET ERM Essentials, you’ll be able to create your own reports, keep track of trials, streamline your workflow, and customize fields.  You’ll also get single-click access to e-resource data, allowing you to easily locate supply terms, view line-item details for e-journal packages, review license details and terms of use, confirm access and registration information, and much more.