EBSCO Usage Loading Service

Spend less time loading usage data and more time creating the best collection for your users

When you subscribe to EBSCO Usage Loading Service, EBSCO will obtain usage reports, load them to your EBSCO Usage Consolidation account, and match exceptions — allowing you to spend more time developing your collections.

Too busy to gather usage data?

The EBSCO Usage Loading Service can help. When you team with us, a designated representative will load usage into your institution’s EBSCO Usage Consolidation account and handle a wide range of usage-related tasks on your behalf, including matching your titles, loading historical usage data, manipulating reports, and setting up platform details within your account.

Your representative will not only retrieve your COUNTER reports from content providers, they will also communicate with content providers about any usage-related issues that arise, allowing you to spend more time developing collections that help your users achieve their research objectives.