EBSCO Usage Consolidation

The simple, affordable way to manage all of your COUNTER usage data

EBSCO Usage Consolidation, when combined with EBSCONET Subscription Management, makes usage data available at your point of need, allowing you to see how your library’s resources are being utilized, and ultimately, providing valuable information that will enable you to develop a collection that empowers your users.

Let us collect, consolidate, and report on the usage of your e-resources

EBSCO Usage Consolidation is an affordable tool that helps you organize and analyze your usage data, allowing you to effectively manage usage by gathering, storing, and consolidating usage data for all your e-resources, regardless of vendor.  Because it is COUNTER Release 3 & 4 compliant, you can load data from virtually any content provider offering usage reports that are compliant with or similar to COUNTER.

EBSCO Usage Consolidation allows you to create detailed reports on usage of titles and databases, and export to other systems for additional analysis, and provides results you can act on by allowing you to view your usage data – including cost-per use – right in your EBSCONET Subscription Management account.  Best of all, our highly skilled EBSCO Usage Loading Service team can load usage on your behalf.