MARC cataloging for all of your online titles

The EBSCO MARC Updates™ service provides the most accurate information for cataloging your library’s collection. EBSCO MARC Updates, available for titles managed in Full Text Finder can be customized to fit your library’s specific needs.

Simplify cataloging your library’s e-resources

EBSCO MARC Updates are the most efficient way to ensure your library’s e-resources are accessible through your library catalog. This service offers an automated and highly customizable monthly feed of MARC cataloging for all of your online titles regardless of vendor or where the content is hosted.


  • Enhance the value of the library catalog by including an accurate representation of your online collection
  • Improve users’ satisfaction by helping them find the information they are looking for
  • Increase the usage of your online titles by ensuring titles can be discovered through the library catalog
  • Save significant time and money by using Full Text Finder as a single source of MARC records in place of time consuming manual cataloging