List of Catalogs by Specific Audience

EBSCO is in the business of helping libraries and simplifying librarians' daily tasks associated with subscription management. As part of that business, we strive to offer easily accessible information in a variety of formats.

Periodicals for Business & Law

Periodicals for Business & Law Libraries lists titles with publisher prices reflected in U.S. dollars. In addition to the price, helpful information such as the publisher’s nation of origin, frequency of publication and language help you determine the best subscription option for your library.

Periodicals for the Health Sciences

Periodicals for the Health Sciences is a valuable serial subscription ordering tool for hospital libraries, medical school libraries, biomedical companies, and government health agencies, containing ordering information on publications as well as descriptions of many titles.

A medical subject classification based on categories from the List of Journals Indexed for MEDLINE® is also provided.

Periodicals for Schools

Periodicals for Schools features titles that are most often ordered through EBSCO for school libraries and includes pricing information on each title, including special school rates, where applicable; many listings include title descriptions.

The Librarians’ Handbook

The Librarians’ Handbook is a comprehensive catalog that is ideal for academic/higher education use as well as for other organizations and agencies.

It contains information for titles most often ordered by these EBSCO customers, and includes: nation of origin, frequency of publication, special publisher ordering requirements and current publisher prices.

A special index classifies all titles listed by Library of Congress Subject Classification and by categories of special interest.

K-8 Catalog

The K-8 Catalog makes placing orders for a school’s library or media center easier, faster and more organized. It also includes information from publishers of additional titles that are ideal for elementary and middle school libraries.

Quarterly Periodicals Report

The Quarterly Periodicals Report is designed for all types of libraries and can be easily used as a quick reference for new, updated or important periodicals for your library. Links to EBSCONET Subscription Management provide access to more detailed information.