Simplifying Each Step:

  1. 1 Evaluate

    View pricing and access options for more than 360,000 titles. Title details and publisher package information are updated regularly.

  2. 2 Select

    Order your journals and e-packages right in the EBSCONET interface. To make it even easier, we supply a searchable five-year history of your EBSCO orders.

  3. 3 Integrate

    Interface with your ILS for uploading claims and downloading invoices. Leverage the power of EBSCO’s integrated knowledge base and make your content easier to discover with EBSCO's Smartlinks+.

  4. 4 Administer

    Handle check-ins, submit claims, and check claim status. Track e-journal registration, activation, and licensing. Receive automatic notification of changes to e-packages and e-journals.

  5. 5 Assess

    View your latest usage data and perform instant cost-per-use analysis with the Usage Consolidation Service. Choose from a variety of reports to help you manage and evaluate your journal collection.

  6. 6 Renew

    Make sound renewal decisions by identifying most- and least-used resources. Work and submit your renewals online. Take advantage of our E-Package Renewals tool to reduce the time and complexity of renewing e-packages.